Invester ansvarlig. Invester ansvarlig.CFDer er komplekse instrumenter og har høy risiko for å miste penger raskt på grunn av leverage. 83.39% av private investorer mister penger med denne leverandøren. Tenk på om du forstår hvordan CFDer fungerer, og om du har råd til å miste pengene dine.
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How do I close a position on FxPro Edge?

To manually close an open position, you must first locate the order in the Positions/Orders widget. You may either click on the 'Close Order' button (with 1-click trading enabled) or double click on the order and close it from the dialog that appears.

Close Position

Close Position

If you have set valid stop-loss or take-profit levels, your order will be closed once the market prce reaches either of the levels you have specified.

All closed positions will appear in the 'History' widget

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