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BATUSD - Basic Attention Token vs US Dollar

Current value in real time on the crypto market for investing

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Market Execution (MarkedsutfĂžrelse)
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Limit og Stop-nivÄ275
1 tick verdi 0.00001
Minimum kontraktstĂžrrelse0.01 lot
1 lot stĂžrrelse1 BAT
1 PIP verdi per 1 lot i USD0.00001 USD
Minste trinn for Ă„ Ăžke kontraktstĂžrrelsen0.01 lot
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In 2017, the creators of the BAT coin held one of the most successful crowd sales in history: in just 30 seconds, they managed to sell coins for $36 million. By the end of the ICO, users bought up the Basic Attention Tokens (as the abbreviation stands for) to $1 billion.

Of course, the project immediately attracted everyone's attention. How did the developers do it? Some analysts were leaning toward a well-thought-out advertising campaign; others were convinced that the BAT founder shook up his personal brand and lured users with his authority.

In any case, the story about limited-issue tokens worked very well. In total, $1.5 billion worth of coins were issued. Most of them were sold during the ICO.

So, the creators had $500 million worth of tokens left in their hands. They decided to distribute them as follows: 300 thousand went to new users acquisition, and 200 thousand were pledged for the development of the project and salaries for IT specialists.

Why is this token so attractive? Its idea is that for BATs, sellers can buy time and virtual space for advertising across online platforms. All that happens entirely natively in the new browser Brave, created by the same company. There is an increased level of confidentiality of operations, and the displayed content is exclusively relevant to users' interests. It's understood that there would be a continuous circulation of BAT coins within this system, so now they migrate from buyers' to sellers' wallets – and vice versa.

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