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UNIUSD - Uniswap vs US Dollar

Current value in real time on the crypto market for investing

Swap Short: -20 %Swap Long: -20 %
Lav: 4.549Spread MT5 flytendeHigh: 4.649
Globale aksjeutvekslingstider
04:21 (Local)
Opens in 53h 29m
03:21 (Local)
Opens in 53h 39m
19:21 (Local)
Opens in 60h 39m
New York
14:21 (Local)
Closes in 1h 39m

UNIUSD Trading Chart

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Market Execution (Markedsutførelse)
Market Execution (Markedsutførelse)
EdgeFlytende spreads
Minimum: 37.00Gjennomsnitt: 38.02
Market Hours*Open Now
Market Hours*Open Now
Limit og Stop-nivĂĽ175
1 tick verdi 0.001
Minimum kontraktstørrelse0.01 lot
1 lot størrelse1 UNI
1 PIP verdi per 1 lot i USD0.001 USD
Minste trinn for ü øke kontraktstørrelsen0.01 lot
Marginkrav for ĂĽ ĂĽpne en lockposisjon *0
Execution-modusMarket (irrelevant of platform or Account type)

* Kun hvis margenivĂĽ> 100%

Spreads som tilbys er en refleksjon av det tidsveide gjennomsnittet fra 09:00 til 21:00 (GMT) for perioden 01/04/2020 - 30/06/2020. Selv om FxPro forsøker ü gi konkurransedyktige spreads i alle üpningstider, bør kundene merke seg at disse kan variere og er utsatt for underliggende markedsforhold. Ovenstüende er kun gitt som veiledende formül. Kunder anbefales ü sjekke viktige nyhetsbrev i vür økonomiske kalender, som blant annet kan føre til utvidelse av spreads.

Faste spreads skal bare gjelde for "Instant-ordrer". Alle andre ordretyper skal vĂŚre underlagt ordre-executionpolicyen.


Uniswap is an alternative decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, which appeared thanks to the financial support of Ethereum. It is based on an open peer-to-peer protocol composed of immutable smart contracts. Thanks to this technology, you can trade, as well as arrange the exchange of ETH and other ERC-20 coins without the need to refer to the order book.

The platform works according to the following principles: high security, lack of censorship, as well as unlimited work without intermediaries. Naturally, it lists its cryptocurrency, the native UNIs token, which is in the TOP-25 altcoins of the world in capitalisation.

At the first stages, Uniswap was based on Ethereum and therefore could not boast of high-speed execution of transactions: they were executed up to 1.2 minutes. In an attempt to rectify the situation, the developers made the decision to move to the second layer of software from Optimism, which they deployed on top of the core network. That has significantly increased throughput, and now transactions are processed instantly.

The developers pre-set the maximum number of tokens at the level of 1 billion. By August 2021, more than 61% were in free circulation. In addition to the imminent release threshold, the developers have announced that in 2022 they plan to implement a perpetual token inflation mechanism with an annual increment of 2%. That will help the project to get the support of Uniswap holders.

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